Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Is....

Celebrity Tomatoes

And Peppermint Growing Far and Near!

And Beautiful Yellow Flowers Growing Here.

Big Smiling Faces...

And Cute Pink Things

And Yellow Flowers That Don't Grow On Strings.

So Take A Seat And Look At The Skies

Never Mind The Strange Pair Of Eyes!

This Summer...Let Your Inner Self Bloom


  1. Happy Summer and 4th of July to you. Your tree stump with eyes is very whimsical. You have some lovely bloomers, veggies and herbs growing.


  2. To Flowerlady,
    I literally dug those eyes myself. It was a job for me. I wanted something whimsical in the garden and it was well worth it. I am enjoying some of the veggies today! About the bloomers, I enjoy any kind of flowers. They always seem to brighted my days :)

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for joining Boston Bee;) Love inspiring others and being inspired as well!!! You have such pretty flowers and love the saying- Let your inner self bloom! ;)Alyssa

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  5. Hi Queen, your garden is looking lovely!