Friday, November 30, 2012

Bathroom Refresh

 I decided that it was time to move things around a little in the bathroom. You know how you want to make a change but you are not sure what to do. That was me. So, I painted the wall from yellow to white. You can see the old bathroom from the past blogs.

I took these two old picture frames, painted them to look old with primer and gesso. They turn out looking beautifully old.
I Love to Love
I had my husband to cut the board, I painted it, scratched it up a bit, bought some hooks and hung this one over the tub.
This is the other one. The rack that I had here was an old one from when we moved in the house. We could not hang anything on it since it would not stay in the wall. These board are a lot stronger. It made the bathroom feel like a little spa.
The frame says I Love You in French.
I stenciled the corners of the boards.

I had this heart in a box for years. Then I decided to add paint to it. You can see a little of the red from the original paint I added years ago. I transferred the picture with matt gel. I purposely banged it up a little to make it look worn.
I added these two angels from old Christmas ornaments.
I made this flower holder, added flowers from the $1 store.
I had these two pieces in a drawer. They can from broken wind chimes.
They rusted from being outside.
 Perfectly rusted!
I made the reef from an old book that was sitting in a box in the basement.
Yes, it was a romance novel.
Feels Romantic! Maybe it was the book:)
The window treatment are two shower curtains from the $1 store.
$1 each. I then tied white ribbon around them.
Here is another piece of junk from the box in the basement. I painted the square board, roughed it up and then transferred the stencil. I added raffia to hang it. I love roughed up old things.
I made this topiary out of flowers from the $1 store. I thought it added a little sunshine first thing in the morning.
A little bit of sun in the middle.
Dont' be affraid to change things up.
You might just be surprised on what you get.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Love Fall

Everyone who know me, know that I LOVE FALL! This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fireplace, hot tea, warm desserts and snuggling. Even though I love decorating I still try to be reasonable with how much I spend out of my purse.
Over the fireplace I decided to put up one of the art pictures I painted. I painted it on some spare board I had left over from a previous home project. I painted the two pumpkins with gresso. The silver pedestal came from the Goodwill for $2. I found the black urn at the Good will for $3. Then I  cut out some yellow tissue paper for the flower.

I painted these pumpkins that I had for years in a box. Two of the  pumpkins were painted a copper color. I painted one black. The mirror is from the Goodwill, I got it for $2. I painted it with gresso to give it an old world look. The birdhouse church came from a local consignment shop for $10.

Doesn't this feel like fall...aahhh the simple things.

The foliage help set the tone for my little design.

I found this beautiful rub off wall letters that I put on the fireplace. It was discounted at a local store for only $5. I grabbed it so fast. It says "Home is everything that makes us feel beautiful, safe and loved"

How sweet is that!

I had to share with you the beautiful butternut squash that came from my garden. I bought the pumpkins and the green gord.

In spite of the hot summer and those pesty ground hogs, these 3 survived.

Then I added a final touch to my feeling of fall. I made a table runner out of drop cloth. I stenciled "Come Gather At Our Table" on both sides of it

This is a close up of the stencil.
At the end of the runner I put this W there for our last name.
Feels like fall to me.