Sunday, March 21, 2010


You know what? I never realized that I had so many teapots. Over the years I have had this small obsession to collect them. I have collected them from thrift stores, garage sales, attics, basements, you name it. I simply love teapots.

For the last two years I had been without work, (because of the economy). The business started getting slow. I have had my own business for 12 years and did not want to let it go. So I decided that I would revamp it, but this time it would be something that I really really love to do. So I prayed on it. I have become a pro at being frugal. That allowed me to venture towards other projects. I learned to save and not waste.

One day I was reading an article that said, "Do what you love," usually the idea is right under you nose. Sooooo, I started thinking, what is it that I do everyday that I enjoy? My mind was racing at the same time I was at a blank. Then one day while sitting in the kitchen drinking my tea I had an epiphany! I thought to myself, IT'S MY TEA....I LOVE TEA! I have been excited every since. I had everything up and running in a matter of weeks.

So now I am in the tea business! I call my teas Celebrity Teas. I feel like a celebrity and I love to celebrate life in every way. God has blessed me to do this. Tea has so many wonderful health benefits. It's just an added extension of my pursuit to get healthy and fit.

Loose leaf tea in 4oz pyramid tea bags

Loose leaf teas in 4oz re-sealable bags