Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kitchen Makeover #7

Stuff in the Kitchen
This red vase used to be blue. Two years ago I painted it red. It fits well in the kitchen. I got it at a resale show for $4.
This is a simple grape vine wreath. I added artificial foliage.

I got this cream colored vase at a resale shop for $3

This is stuff on top of the refrigerator.

Cake platter $10, Apples $1 ea, white jug from resale shop $4

Foliage on counter. Tea jar from resale shop $2.99

Rabbit, valentines day gift from hubby. Egg $1 from dollar store.

Lamp, $6 from resale shop.

My hubby made the black table for our bedroom, but I found that it works perfect in this space at the end of the counter.

View of the counter and table.

Great space for baskets. I used them when I buy fruit to put on the counters. In the summer these baskets are great for veggies from our garden.

Table view

Counter View

I re finished the seat of these chairs in a french toile material.

Kitchen table

Kitchen Makeover #6

Crown Molding
I used wax paper taped behind the molding so no paint would show up on the white walls. We were sure if we even wanted to do the crown molding. Afterwards I was so glad that we did.
This is before the primer and paint.

After the paint.

Finished Cabinets!

Up close look at molding.

View of molding.

View of molding and inside of cabinet.

Kitchen Makeover #5

This is the hardware on the cabinets. They are the original ones from when we moved in the house. To save money I decided not to change them. I thought they looked OK.
This is bead board that we already had left over in the garage from a previous bathroom project. I primed and painted on 2 coats.

Bead board painted. I used an old plastic tablecloth underneath to catch the paint.

This is a view of the bead board on the side of the cabinet.

View of the cabinets done at the top.

View of cabinets.

Doors being painted.

Bottom of cabinets.

View, not quite done yet.

Ornaments on front of sink.

Ornament on front of sink.