Monday, April 9, 2012

White Hoppy Maxwell (18 Years Of Love)

I had to write this post about my beloved maltese Maxwell who passed away just a few weeks ago. I have not been here for awhile because of my time spent caring for Max.

I will always remember those eyes. In the last years he started losing his sight. By the time of his passing I was still bringing him in and out so that he could go outside. He was not able to climb the stairs because of his sight and hip. The week of his passing he needed to lean on me just so that he could stand and pee.

He was so devoted. I remember how he never left my side after I had surgery.

He was treated like royalty. That's why I called him The Royal Pooch. The groomers kept him clean and white.

His first toy when he was a baby.

He loved to sit by the fireplace.

I remember the first day I got him. He will never be forgotten. I was closer to this dog than other family members. 18 years of unconditional love.
I will always love my Maxwell RIP.