Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rachel Ashwell Inspired Dining Room Table

So, I was browsing through a February 2011 issue of Country Living magazine and saw a beautiful white table in designer Rachel Ashwell's dining room. It was so simple and beautiful. I had to have it, but could not afford it. I told my husband about the table and showed him the picture and the rest is history. I needed to find a frugal way of making it.
Here's what we got. 3 pieaces of 1x12x6Ft pine for the top. 3 pieces of 1x4x6Ft pine for the side skirt. 1 piece of 2x4x8Ft of pine for the underneath braces. 2 pieces of 4x4x8Ft douglas fir for the legs.
Of course my husband put it together
He added the legs on in the dining room.
I painted it since I love to paint!
Cost to build the table $62.13
Paint was left over from a previous project.
Be Frugal And Live Like A Queen!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shadow Box and Blocks

I found this really neat shadow box at a second hand store for $10. I had to have it but wasn't sure what I would do with it.
I decided to put blocks in it. So I found some leftover wood that my husband had in the garage.
I painted the wood a champagne color and the letters, borders and shadow box were painted black.
Words of Inspiration

Be Frugal and Live Like a Queen!