Monday, November 9, 2009

Mouse In The House! Oh My!

Let me tell you the story of this mouse that lives in my house now. Of course it's the kind of mouse that you would want to keep, don't get alarm just yet! I found this creature sitting on the self at the goodwill. I thought that he was so cute, he reminded me of my husband. You see, my husband, at the time that I bought this had an obsession,( if we can call it that) with CHEESE. So, I started calling him "the big rat"! That's how much cheese he used to eat. You know how you buy those square blocks of cheese, well, he would take the whole thing to work and eat it for lunch. Oh I would get so mad because I never would get any! Well, back to the mouse. I thought he was cute and purchased him for $2. He almost look like he should be out at Christmas time, but I like him so much, I keep him on the shelf all year. Sometime I may put him on the fireplace, but right now his favorite place is in my reading room. Oh, and by the way, we gave up eating cheese, but my husband is still a big rat! Love ya honey. Be frugal and live like a Queen!