Thursday, June 3, 2010

Candles and Candlesticks

Recently I decided that I wanted to clean things out and take a few things to the Goodwill. So I dropped off a few things and turned around to go in and search for a picture frame, but instead found these discontinued candles from Pier 1 Imports for $2.00 each.

Even though they are Christmas candles, you must understand that green is my favorite color anyway.

So I thought that was good enough reason to buy them...right!

Then I went up another isle and found theses two beauties in the back of a shelf for $6 each.

I liked the brass, but wanted to do something different. When I got home I found some left over black satin spray paint. So I took these to a whole new level of loveliness.

The black satin is striking!

To top the candlesticks off, I sat the candles on top!
The 3 candles and the two candlestick cost me a whopping $18.00


  1. Great deals. Do the candles have a scent? I think the candlesticks look wonderful painted black.


  2. The candles smell like christmas evergreens! I love the scent!

  3. Being frugal is the way to go! Just happened upon your blog and became a follower;)BB