Thursday, December 31, 2009


I was in the store the other day and found this cup. I must say for me to buy a mug for $8.99 was definitely a splurge for the frugal queen. It's what's on the cup that caught my attention. "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!" Like many of us I find myself attending to more things than what I do for myself. I have always put myself last to everything else. Before I found the cup, I would say in 2010 it's going to be all about me. (That is the forewarning that I have given my family, so they can be prepared when I am not available and they find themselves in a crisis that only I can fix.) I like to give them the benefit of the doubt, so that can't say I didn't warn them...OK. After all I do love them...ha ha.

My new years resolution

I promise to take care of me first. I believe that if I am well and at my best, the family will reap the rewards of dealing with a better me.
Last year I lost 25lbs, this year I will go for 25 more. I am taking it slow and easy so that the weight stays off. Those 25lbs lost feels wonderful! I will continue to exercise, eat well and love me more. I will take time to smell the roses. I will laugh more and still have a piece of chocolate. I will keep my dearest friend in my heart and when I say no, I will mean no.

As I sit here looking at the full moon over the back yard, I feel a kind of contentment. I realize that every year that begins and end is truly a blessing from god.

In 2009 I finally lost weight, found my best friend after 30 years, lost an icon that I grew up listening to, survived the day to day drama and found new innovative ways to express myself. Come on 2010!
Happy New Year!