Friday, January 8, 2010

The Painted Hutch

I have had this hutch for about 15 years. I bought it new. This is one of two pieces. It sits on top of another piece that I will show you later. A couple of years back I purposely scratched it up and took out the glass and put in chicken wire. Then I wanted to add something else and had my husband to add the round footing at the bottom. The top of the hutch had two can lights in it. We took those out and my husband added the black top.

I decided that I would take some left over latex paint from another project and paint it. I took out the glass shelves and used the ledge were the glass set on the shelf for small items.

You can't see much detail, but I scratched this up to give it an old look.
I really like the look of how things came out.

I love thinking out of the box!

Mix things up a little. This was a fun project. It took me two days to finish, but it was definitely worth it!