Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi Everyone,

This is Lee and this is my official first blog. First, I would like to tell you why I am 1 Frugal Queen. Like everyone else, I want to stretch my dollars and get the most for my money, especially in this day and time. Like most Americans we too have to be careful with our money and how we spend it. I like to think that I have been frugal for years and wanted to share some of my ideas with others. I hope that you find my blogs helpful, and informative with a little sense of humour. I found that you can be frugal, not spend a lot of money and still be happy and content. I started out going to the good will, consignment shops, thift stores, estate sales and garage sales to find my bargains. I realized that this was heaven for me to find the bargains that I now treasure without feeling like I broke the bank. The more good finds that I found, my husband was very impressed. Now he also enjoys accompanying me to the venues that I go to for my searches. My husband had already started calling me queen as a pet name and I knew that I was always frugal with most things that I did, so I put the two together and came up with 1 Frugal Queen. I feel that I can practice being frugal and still feel like I'm living like a queen. Here I will share with you lots of ideas so that you too can become 1 Frugal Queen...or King.