Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Frugal Reefs and Trees

So, there was this ugly green tree on the side of the house that grew so crooked, I was more than happy to help my son and husband take this tree out. It was a little eyesore from the street. It did nothing for curb appeal to the house. Down it went. Then I started thinking about what I could do with all the lush green limbs.

I went to a local craft store and got reef wire hoops, then I start my project of making my own Christmas reefs. I have never done anything like this. I wanted it to feel like an LL Bean Christmas reef, kinda rustic too. This is so quick and easy.
I took branches and inserted them in the reef. I used green wire to tie everything into place.

Doesn't it look rustic!

Then I put bamboo shoots poles that we have growing in the back yard in these pots so that I would have something to tie the wire too, I took the long branches and stuck them in these pots, tied them to the poles. These look like real trees growing in the pots don't they?


Added red bows to finish the look.

Cost for this project...$0.00! I alread had the pots, bamboo poles, red bows, and tree.
Be Frugal and Live Like a Queen!

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