Thursday, November 11, 2010

Master Bedroom Project 1

Sooo, I decided that I wanted to make a few changes in the bedroom. I was feeling a lot in the "less is more" mode. So I decided to strip the room down to the bare walls and floors.

This gives you a small idea of what the bedroom looked like before.

I must say that I do get tired of dusting the blinds.

Well, here are the floors stripped down to the bare!

The bed is so heavy. We actually worked around the frame after taking the matress off. The wall and ceiling are painted the same color. We used Glidden Spread paint color Crumb Cookie, 2 gallons did the job.

So, we started laying the floor. The tools you will need for a job like this is, a tapping block, pull bar, spacers, hammer, measuring tape, circular saw (to cut boards), a jigsaw for cutting out around registers. You will also need an installation kit.

Floor View


New Window View

Looking towards the windows.
.....continued at Master Bedroom Project 2

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