Monday, November 5, 2012

I Love Fall

Everyone who know me, know that I LOVE FALL! This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fireplace, hot tea, warm desserts and snuggling. Even though I love decorating I still try to be reasonable with how much I spend out of my purse.
Over the fireplace I decided to put up one of the art pictures I painted. I painted it on some spare board I had left over from a previous home project. I painted the two pumpkins with gresso. The silver pedestal came from the Goodwill for $2. I found the black urn at the Good will for $3. Then I  cut out some yellow tissue paper for the flower.

I painted these pumpkins that I had for years in a box. Two of the  pumpkins were painted a copper color. I painted one black. The mirror is from the Goodwill, I got it for $2. I painted it with gresso to give it an old world look. The birdhouse church came from a local consignment shop for $10.

Doesn't this feel like fall...aahhh the simple things.

The foliage help set the tone for my little design.

I found this beautiful rub off wall letters that I put on the fireplace. It was discounted at a local store for only $5. I grabbed it so fast. It says "Home is everything that makes us feel beautiful, safe and loved"

How sweet is that!

I had to share with you the beautiful butternut squash that came from my garden. I bought the pumpkins and the green gord.

In spite of the hot summer and those pesty ground hogs, these 3 survived.

Then I added a final touch to my feeling of fall. I made a table runner out of drop cloth. I stenciled "Come Gather At Our Table" on both sides of it

This is a close up of the stencil.
At the end of the runner I put this W there for our last name.
Feels like fall to me.

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