Saturday, January 2, 2010

How To Install a Garbage Disposal

Happy New Year! I am 1 Frugal King. I am joining my wife's quest (1 Frugal Queen) for a frugal lifestyle. For my first featured post, I will be taking you through the steps to replace your garbage disposal. Sometimes this can be a costly process if you have someone to do it for you. Hopefully at this time, I can be of some help. Don't be afraid to try it. OK let's get started.

Tools needed: Flat blade screwdriver, hammer, slip joint pliers, plumbers putty or blue RTV sealant.

First lets talk SAFETY FIRST!! Be sure the electric is shut off at the breaker box to avoid any possibility of electrocution.
Begin by removing the sewer drain connection using your slip joint pliers and dishwasher drain connection using the flat blade screwdriver to loosen the pipe clamp. When these are disconnected using your hammer lightly tap the quick lock ring in a counter clockwise direction, be sure you have a firm grip on the disposal as when this ring is loose the disposer will separate from the sink flange assembly.

Next we can easily remove the electrical connection to the disposal by removing the electrical cover plate on the bottom of the disposal and loosening the screws connecting the wires, then remove the romex connector retaining ring to completely remove the wiring.

That's it!!! The old disposal is out and ready to be disposed of its self. Next loosen the three set screws holding the sink flange in place and remove the retaining ring and remove the old sink flange assembly.

Now you can clean off any old plumbers putty from the sink opening, both top and bottom if needed. Be sure this area is very clean and free of debris to ensure a good leak proof seal for the new disposal.

Open the new disposal and remove it from the box. You should have a new disposal drain elbow and gasket, sink flange assembly, wire nuts, sink stopper and splash guard.
Before going any further if you had a dishwasher drain connected to your old disposal you will need to remove the dishwasher drain plug from the new disposal. You can do this by laying the disposal on it's side and using your screwdriver and hammer and inserting the screwdriver into the connection for the dishwasher drain and firmly tapping the screwdriver with the hammer until this plug falls into the disposal, be sure to remove this plug from the disposal chamber before operating the disposal!

Now let prep and install the new sink flange assembly into the sink.

Using either the plumbers putty or the blue RTV sealant form a 1/4" bead around the bottom side of the sink flange for the new disposal and insert into the sink opening.

Assemble the remaining sink flange assembly which will be held in place by the retaining ring on the bottom of the sink flange, then lightly tighten the three set screws, do not completely tighten these screws yet though.

For a professional installation look make sure the wording on the sink flange is upright and readable. Adjust if necessary and firmly tighten the three set screws securing the sink flange assembly to the sink.

Connect the wiring to the new disposal by removing the electrical cover plate and inserting the wiring and tightening the romex connector securing the wire to the disposal. Connect the wiring according to the wire colors, ex. black to black, etc... be sure to connect the ground wire to the ground terminal.

Next install the new drain elbow on the new disposal utilizing the new gasket.

The drain elbow is held in place with the steel plate and the ( 2 ) screws provided.
That's it!! Let's hang it up now. Make sure the drains are lined up with the sewer drain connections and dishwasher. Hold the new disposal up to the sink flange assembly and secure it by turning the quick lock ring clockwise and lightly tapping with your hammer.
Re-connect the dishwasher drain hose and secure with the pipe clamp provided.
Tighten all sewer drain connections with the slip joint pliers.
Remove any excess plumbers putty or RTV sealant that may have oozed out around the sink flange in the sink.
Double check all connections are tight and turn electrical back on.
With the water running turn the disposal wall switch on and check for any leaks.
Congratulations!!! You Did It!!!
Be Frugal, Save Money, and live like a King too!


  1. Bonjour!
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog. I really enjoyed visiting your blog, this post is so useful and very well done Frugal King!
    Congratulations on the weight loss. I think with the way the world is going being frugal is going to become very popular. I'll be following along and will be back soon. Also, you're new kitchen reveal a few posts back looks fantastic!


  3. Wow! I wish I had your blog about three years ago! We did not have a disposal and it was the worst thing ever. My husband actually mused about buying me one for Valentine's Day of that year (this is how I got my right hand ring). I'm all about practical gifts, but not on V-day. That year it was more like D-day for my husband.

    I will have to show Peter this anyway when he gets home, just in case we ever have to swap our current one out. Thanks!

  4. Thank You everyone, I hope this was helpful.