Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kitchen Makeover #7

Stuff in the Kitchen
This red vase used to be blue. Two years ago I painted it red. It fits well in the kitchen. I got it at a resale show for $4.
This is a simple grape vine wreath. I added artificial foliage.

I got this cream colored vase at a resale shop for $3

This is stuff on top of the refrigerator.

Cake platter $10, Apples $1 ea, white jug from resale shop $4

Foliage on counter. Tea jar from resale shop $2.99

Rabbit, valentines day gift from hubby. Egg $1 from dollar store.

Lamp, $6 from resale shop.

My hubby made the black table for our bedroom, but I found that it works perfect in this space at the end of the counter.

View of the counter and table.

Great space for baskets. I used them when I buy fruit to put on the counters. In the summer these baskets are great for veggies from our garden.

Table view

Counter View

I re finished the seat of these chairs in a french toile material.

Kitchen table


  1. I have been mulling the idea of painting my honey oak kitchen cabinets but it seemed like such a huge undertaking. I found the site for the "cottage" kitchen makeover that inspired you when I googled "red kitchen cabinets". That site lead me to yours. Between the two of you I am feeling much more confident about the endeavor.

    I would love to add beadboard and the trim around the lower edge like you both did. Would love to see a close up of how you added the are the corner edges finishes where the beadboard meets the original cabinet?