Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kitchen Makeover #4

OK, let's talk paint. I got the High Hiding Primer for the cabinets. The guy in the store said that if I did not use a primer, I could be painting multiple coats. He said that red is a funny color to use. He suggested the grey primer so that the color of the red would come through in the true shade that I wanted.
He showed me this demonstration of the red on top of the primer.
The red is called Radiant Red

I used a Satin finish.

This is what the red would have looked like without a primer underneath. If you look closey you can see the writing through the paint on the label. Notice the red is a lot lighter without the primer underneath.

The cabinet is primed. The first slash of red coming through!

The shelves were also painted red.

The doors primed and painted.

I distressed the doors to make them look aged. The hardward is original.

Close up of the distressed doors.

Work in progress!

Cabinet with white dishes.

Stay Tuned for the progress!

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