Saturday, November 28, 2009

Master Bathroom Makeover #6 Finished

When we first started the bathroom, it only had 2 light fixtures. We added the one in the middle from an existing bathroom. They were gold. We spray painted them a hammered black color.

The walls were painted with a antique white color, which is not a white at all to me. It came out to be a warm butter yellow color. It turned out really pretty.
The shower area. We re caulked the whole shower area and doors.
Toilet area
We found these faucets at a discount home improvement store for $64. We saw similar faucets at another store for $129. I think we got a great bargain on these.

View of the finished sinks and bump out.

We used white ceramic tiles for the the top part of the bump out. It created a nice shelf area for accessories. We used a premixed grout/adhesive to lay the tiles.
Notice the wall. Remember that this is the antique white that I was talking about.

Total job cost for the bathroom was approximately $1,222, we saved ourselves $3,000 doing the hard work ourselves. This was our first time laying a ceramic tile floor and we did ok. We did get on the internet and did some research on the project. Don't be afraid the think outside of the box. The wet saw that we used to cut the floor tile and the white ceramic tile used on the bump out was the best investment. It was truly a life saver!

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