Sunday, November 22, 2009

Master Bath Makeover #1

So, we decided when we moved into this little house that we wanted to do the bathroom ourselves to save money. Remember, I am 1 frugal queen! Yes, it was a lot of work and we did save money. Even with the pain of backaches, headaches and feeling like someone beat me up when I wasn't looking , my husband and I managed to stay married and still love each other.

Bathroom before. Everything was blue and plain. I couldn't stand the old sinks in the house.Later you will see what we did with them and how I changed the mirror and lighting.The door to the right is our closet.We have the kind of bathroom where the closet is in the bathroom. It does make getting dressed a little bit less hectic. I didn't think I would like it when we bought the house, but now it saves so much time when getting ready.Stay tuned!

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