Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Little Black Tray

I decided that I wanted to make a tray to hold my jewelry when I take it off. I went to the craft store and found this unfinished wooden tray for 2.99

I painted it black with an antique stain kit that I got from the local hardware store. I got the kit for about $10. The paper in the tray is a piece of scrap booking paper. The picture of the Eiffel Tower was printed from clip art from my computer. Then I got out the good ole hodge podge. I spread hodge podge on the bottom of the tray, put the paper in and the picture of the Eiffel Tower on top. I hodge podge the top of the pictures together. I did the whole tray. I did do the tray in sections. I would let one side dry before I did the other side. My tray is french inspired, but you can make your own tray out of what inspires you or whatever matches your decor. This is a very easy project to do. Be frugal and live like a queen!

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