Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Frugal Waterlooian

OK, I guess the title might be a bit confusing, right? Let me start by saying that my husband is from a town in Illinois called Waterloo. I always teased him by referring to him as a waterlooian. He tells me that it is the sister city to Waterloo Germany. In Germany it is pronounced, Vaterloo. When we are having fun with each other, I call him the crazy Vaterlooian in my best German tongue. When I met my husband, he wasn't much of a dresser. He felt comfortable in jeans and tee-shirts wherever we went. Well, that got old with me real fast. I told him that he could get really nice clothes for less even though he was intent on spending money on me, trying to woo me. I guess I was impressed by that of course. He did know how to woo me I must say. Anywho, I remember the first time I took him to a thrift store. He was soooo surprised at the things we found. He told me he had never shopped in resale stores before. I told him that when we were kids, my mom shopped at resale stores before it was the in thing to do. My mom would buy things and mend them like brand new. No one never knew that we wore second hand clothes and I don't think that anyone cared back then. It was nine kids in our family and we all seemed to be very well adjusted as kids. We didn't live in a world were you were valued by the price or designer name on your clothes. Yes, life was like Leave It To Beaver back then. Now don't get me wrong, I do love expensive designer clothes, I just can't afford it. No, let me correct that by saying that I refuse to pay the full price on some things.....OK most things! If I can find a bargain, I'm on board! Back to the husband OK. He loves his designer clothes at the bargain price. Look at these Ralph Lauren shirts that we found on eBay for $30 for all three shirts. They are in mint condition. This was a great deal. My husband was really excited. I found the jacket at a local resale shop for $15. Keep shopping and look for bargains wherever you go. Be frugal and live like a queen!

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  1. Waterlooian, love it! I just happened upon your blog and you made me laugh! I loved your answer on your profile about what you would pack to the moon!