Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer's Bounty (REVISED)

Summer's Bounty is what I live for. I love getting out in the garden, working hard in the sun, sweating and then for all the hard work, I reap the rewards. Great exercise too! I found that it is so much cheaper to grow my own vegetables. There is something about becoming one with the earth. It's so therapeutic. You take a seed and put it in the ground and these beautiful edible creatures come up, that's when you smile and think, "I did this, I actually grew my own veggies", and then you taste it. That's when you know that you have had a piece of heaven! I was so excited the first time that we got tomatoes to grow, I literally did the happy dance. That's when we decided to try a few more things. Before I knew it we had cucumbers, basil, sage, rosemary, spearmint, egg plants, sweet green peppers,string beans, cabbage, broccoli, and collards. Wow! This was so delicious! It gets addicting. You start thinking,"what else can I grow". If you don't have a yard, try growing something in a pot. The great thing about growing you own veggies, you know where they come from. Nothing gets more frugal than growing your own and you eat like a queen.
I have also tried composting. Its a great way to nourish your garden with it's own scrap and guess what, we actually had three additional tomatoe plants that came up on their own from scraps we buried the previous year. Those tomatoes tasted even better and looked redder than the ones that we had planted. I took a tin trash can, put tiny holes in it all the way around so that oxygen can allow the compost to decompose. This project was so easy. If I can do this anybody can. This is a fun and easy way to go green. Try getting the family in on it and just think of all the money that you save at the grocery store.

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