Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"If I must die, let me die in the fall"

Fall is my favorite time of the year. That's why I need to talk about fall. It is so beautiful this time of the year. That's why I say, "If I must die, let me die in the fall. (That was my poetic self speaking). As I started putting the summer clothes in the back of the closet and pulling out the blankets, knitted scarves, gloves and hats, I reflect on what I love most about this time of the year. I remember as a kid walking through the leaves that had fallen to the ground and loving the rustling sound that they made. As an adult I still love doing that. I love the changing of the leaves, the blooming mums and the crisp air. I love getting out the sweaters, snuggling and drinking hot chocolate. I think about the luxury of a nice warm bath. I love the drive to wine country on the winding roads here in Missouri, the landscape is to die for. The beautiful colors of pumpkins and the sweet aroma of homemade apple pie brings a smile to my face and the comfort that I find in a simple cup of hot tea...priceless! Fall is the season for trick or treating and giving thanks. This is the time of year that we gather the harvest from all the hard work and celebrate the season with the ones that we love. It's the time to share a laugh or two with a friend or to extend a helping hand to those who are in need. Remember to count your blessings and give thanks for what you have. Until next time, be frugal and live like a queen.

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